Project Serena

Helping Readings Homeless

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Project Serena named after the nurse at the RBH who inspired it, is the Vultures mission to help those who are living on the streets in Reading.

On the first Sunday of every month at 4:30pm, we take our van to the old market place, opposite Reading Minster Church, and supply food, drink and clothes as well as sleeping bags and tents, to those who are living on Readings streets.

We do not give out cash or anything that helps in the use of drugs or alcohol but aim to give direct help, food, clothes and sleeping bags.

Every Month we feed around 50 people, who have fallen on hard times, in many cases through no fault of their own.

Listening to their stories we realise that it could be any of us indeed many of us are just a few wage packets away from potentially losing our homes.

We are non judgemental, non religious and only try to help as many people as we can just because we are trying to be decent human beings.

If you'd like to help, drop us a line at

All donations of tomato soup, dry pet food and good quality clothes are gratefully received.  Any monetary donations will only be used in the support of the project. No-one gets paid, we are all volunteers.


SUNDAY 4th SEPTEMBER 2022 from 5pm!!!