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Whats on With The Vultures​

Upcoming Events

We are currently using our Summer Times (Meet to leave at 10am) for Rideouts.

Please arrive in good time and with a full tank of fuel.

Please wait while the Calendar loads.

Click on the Event to get more information.

All Rideouts Start at:

BP Garage. 709 London Road,

Reading. RG6 1BG

Destinations are taken from the suggestions

handed in at our Group Meetings.

Thanks to Mick for sorting them out and

arranging them.


Please note our Rideout times and remember that this website might not be updated as regularly as our Facebook page:


Summer Times are the Months of April, 

May, June, July, August and September, 

we meet at 9.45am. 


Winter Times are from October to March inclusive

and we meet at 10.45am. 

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